Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal





How much does it cost to remove eyebrow tattoos?

Price: $150
Duration of procedure: 1 hour +/-.
Recommended number of treatments: from 3 (depending on how dark the permanent is).
Recovery period: 2 - 4 weeks.
Anesthesia: with anesthesia


What method of tattoo removal do we use? 



Revivink is a product that has no analogues among the means and methods of removing poor-quality microblading. The product removes pigment more effectively and safely than laser or surgery. Effectively removes tattoos on the body and permanent makeup on the lips and eyebrows.

Revivink is the most gentle means for removing tattoos and tattooing, as it has a mild composition. Effectively removes hard-to-remove shades (green, beige, yellow), which can not see the laser.




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You ARE NOT a good candidate for ANY procedures if you:

  • are under 18 years of age

  • are Pregnant or Nursing

  • have skin irritations or irregularities (Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, skin cancer, rashes, pimples, sunburns, etc.) on or around the area to be worked on

  • are Diabetic

  • are undergoing Chemotherapy

  • have Glaucoma

  • are using a hair growth serum

  • have viral infections and/or diseases (AIDs, HIV, Hepatitis, etc.)

  • are prone to Keloid scarring

  • are Epileptic

  • have a pacemaker or other major heart problems

  • have had an organ transplant

  • are sick (cold, flu, pink eyes, etc.)

  • are a Hemophiliac or have other bleeding problems

Your physician's clearance may be necessary if you have any medical conditions.

Keep in mind some conditions and medications may effect healing, pain tolerance, retention, and/or color of the tattoo.