Ombre Powder Brows

2,5+ hrs

$ 400

Instead of drawing in your eyebrows every day, our Ombre Powder Brows solution will give you that soft daily makeup look done with an eyebrow pencil, powder or pomade. The effects will be waterproof, smudge-proof and completely natural. 


2 + hrs

$ 400

Microblading is a great solution for clients who have thin, patchy, or uneven eyebrows and want to achieve the most natural looking results to enhance their natural eyebrows. Wake up with perfect eyebrows, that last all day long!


Combination Brows

3+ hrs

$ 450

Our Combination Brow technique offers the ultimate brow treatment that leave you waking up. with perfect eyebrows, every day! It offers the best of both powdered and hairstroke effects combined together to achieve a fluffy, textured, yet defined brow.

Soft Shading

2 + hrs

$ 350

Soft Shading (ombre brows,etc.) can be acheived with a manual technique that can create a beautiful, soft-blended makeup look. You can request this look to be natural. This method is suitable for all skin types.

Lash Line Enhancement

1,5 + hrs

$ 350

This subtle technique creates a thicker, darker and fuller look for your top lashes while outlining and framing your eyes. This procedure creates a natural look that is complimentary to both makeup and no-makeup looks.

Lip Blush

2,5+ hrs

$ 400

Our Lip Blush treatment enhances the natural lip shape with a boost of symmetry and color. It defines lip contours and adds a natural flush to your lip color. These results are so natural, so say hello to a fuller, brighter, and sexier pout that lasts all day long! 

Brows touch-ups


1-4 months

5-8 months

9-12 months


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You ARE NOT a good candidate for ANY procedures if you:

  • are under 18 years of age

  • are Pregnant or Nursing

  • have skin irritations or irregularities (Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, skin cancer, rashes, pimples, sunburns, etc.) on or around the area to be worked on

  • are Diabetic

  • are undergoing Chemotherapy

  • have Glaucoma

  • are using a hair growth serum

  • have viral infections and/or diseases (AIDs, HIV, Hepatitis, etc.)

  • are prone to Keloid scarring

  • are Epileptic

  • have a pacemaker or other major heart problems

  • have had an organ transplant

  • are sick (cold, flu, pink eyes, etc.)

  • are a Hemophiliac or have other bleeding problems

Your physician's clearance may be necessary if you have any medical conditions.

Keep in mind some conditions and medications may effect healing, pain tolerance, retention, and/or color of the tattoo.